July20_PX2020 Meeting ER Patient Expectations in a Changed Market


The Beryl Institute's Virtual PX2020 conference has teamed up with Dignity Health and Emory Healthcare to discuss how they are enhancing their Emergency Department experience and adjusting to the new normal with help from Vital Software.

The emergency department is one of the hardest venues of care to deliver an outstanding experience, and the "new normal" has created even bigger hurdles. Despite these challenges, industry leaders are working to bring patients and families into their care process, and exceed their expectations.

In this Webinar replay you will hear Germaine McAuley (Patient Experience Director for St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center) and Dr. Justin Schrager (Emory ED Physician & Co-Founder of Vital) speak about the following:  

  • ER delays impact brand loyalty, consistency and quality
  • What "the new normal" is like in emergency medicine
  • How to meet patient expectations in a changed market
  • Early results from using Vital at St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center

To download a copy of the slides from the presentation, click here.