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CommonSpirit Health improves patient care experience and drives 3.8x ROI

At Vital we have extended the modern consumer experience to the emergency department. On average, 57% of all patients who arrive with a cell phone in the ED have used the solution, and 25% leverage ERAdvisor to access the Dignity Health patient portal and online scheduling resources.

"This type of real-time connectivity and engagement really changes how we conceive of patient experience in our hospitals and has the potential to have a meaningful impact on patient care and outcomes.”
Christine Brocato
System Vice President, Strategic Innovation at CommonSpirit Health

Dignity Health and its parent, CommonSpirit Health, wanted to ensure patients discharged from the ED received clear instructions and timely reminders to schedule follow-up care with in-network providers.

Vital developed various ways to notify and remind patients about their recommended follow-up care. These include in-app scheduling links and SMS messages sent directly to the patient’s phone post-discharge, directing patients to Find-a-Doc scheduling or phone support to find follow-up care, depending on the patient s needs. These processes led to $1.7M in reimbursements in 2021
alone and 3.8x follow-up appointment ROI.