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Patients have shared their ED visit status over 320,000 times with ERAdvisor

During an Emergency Department (ED) visit, family members can easily feel left out of the loop and worried if they are not kept informed on the status of their loved one. At over 100 facilities around the country using ERAdvisor, concerned loved ones have a way to keep tabs on the progress of patients’ ED visit: ERAdvisor.

Through a simple button within ERAdvisor, patients can securely share details of their ED visit.  Family members can see the status of their family member, what they have coming up, progress against labs and imaging orders, and useful information like maps, parking info,  and visitor policy. 

Even once family members are allowed inside the ED again, usage should continue to be high.  Out-of-state family members can follow along, rather than having to communicate with often-in-pain patients.

Since Vital’s launch, over 320,000 patients have shared with loved ones.

We’ve made keeping loved ones up-to-date about ED stay statuses easy.  No one has done this before and we’ve figured out a way to do it with no involvement from already overworked clinical staff.